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July 07 2021

Version 7.1.2(36)


Fix for digital signature in calibration report where is automatic signature is not enabled then an old signature can appear in new reports.


Fix for Gemini dual channel data loggers where if a calibration file has adjustments the second channel is not adjusted when data downloaded.

Version 7.1.2(35) Released:


When a trial is started a message reminder about email verification can appear.


Fix for Fluke LAN option connection where IR2352 could block connection is certain circumstance.


Fix for Fluke Logger Control window where the Program button did not upload the memory selection.

Apr 30 2021

Version 7.1.2(34) Released:


Fix for audit trail search on ‘Importance’ field.


Fix for TQAero when user makes 2 attempts at pasting logger calibration file offsets leading to partial offset data displayed in Data List.

Version 7.1.2(33)


Fix for possibility of freeze in Fluke communications loop.

Version 7.1.2(32)


Fix for Logger Selection window where LAN is selected and existing COM port selection is ‘invalid’ prevents exit.


Fixes for TQS-NET


Fix for chart header when chamber serial is blank ‘cycle no’ appeared.


Fix for version 7 not reading version 8 data files.


Fix for Data List header landscape mode width setting.


Fix for channel configuration save where many tests seem to have a blank name for their channel configs.


Fix for channel configuration save when maximum number of channels (128) being saved.


Fix for Fluke data missing. Broken scans are ignored and counted in new counter display in Status window.

Version 7.1.2(31)


Fix. Fluke Hydra III LAN connection under Windows 10 discrepancy in communications leading to extra input modules not detected.

Version 7.1.2(30)


Fix. With many logger drivers TQSoft was not confirming channel type (temperature) by units selected.

Version 7.1.2(29)


Agilent 34972A. Fix for random communication drop perhaps caused by Windows 10.


Fix. Fluke first scan sent after configuration download is unexpected format and gets dropped.


Fix. Data List landscape mode did not include logger serial number or TQSoft version.

Version 7.1.2(28)


Tweaks to Agilent 34972A driver to allow Keysight 970A to work using this driver.


Fix. Security trip at end of cal check.


Fix. Minor fixes to groups summary sheet.


July 20, 2020

Version 7.1.2 (27) released fixing the long standing problem of false security alert for modified test specification.


March 1, 2018

There is an update for version 7.1.x available at , using your Login then Downloads/Software.

It may require an upgrade code for your USB key, please contact us to check.

Please note your installation folder(s), make backups,  then install on top of your existing folder(s).


February 14, 2018

TQSoft 7.1.0

·        Sensor groups are now supported. I-Calcs can reference group(s) and so a change to a group will automatically modify all the I-Calcs that use the group.

·        Temperature and humidity groups can now be summarized separately. (See also multi calculation below)

·        Validator 2000 latest firmware is now supported.

·        New driver for some TecnoSoft data loggers.

·        Updates to reports which now include printed on and by. Also ‘Performed by’ and ‘Reviewed by’ will appear more in reports and can be used either for electronic signature or for manual signatures.

·        Templates made with Designer now support trends. So right click on a calculation result and the software will collect data from date range of reports and make a trend in Excel.

·        Software can now log multiple chambers at the same time using one logger. Channel assignment changes are managed by the software so you can use the same test specification on the multiple chambers without worrying about channel references and locations etc.

·        New multi calculation introduced. It will store max, min, average, std dev and uncertainty. This means many times less I-Calcs are needed to produce summary sheets. The 7.1.0 install includes a sample test called ‘Stability Analysis 9 Temp 3 Humidity’ and it uses the new I-Calcs and groups to separate temperature and pressure. To illustrate there is a new summary sheet in Report Lists under ‘Sample Reports Stability/Stability Summary Channel 1-20’.

·        Bath and reference temperatures can now be logged, and bath temperature controlled by I-Calcs, for custom calibration procedures.

·        Fluke 1586A and 2638A default scan rate setting now depends on Fast/Medium/Slow setting. Also there is now a check box in Logger Control to always use the custom scan rate setting for calibrations.

·        Fluke 1586A and 2638A driver now supports resistance and thermistors.

·        Designer now supports look up tables for user entered data.

·        Legacy Fluke Hydra II drivers no longer reserve TQSoft channel 1 for the Fluke channel 001! J

·        3 Decimal place support for IRTD reference temperature.

·        Designer duplicate option will now auto increment probe numbers, making your time more productive!


TQAero 7.1.0

·        Chambers can be specified as cylindrical and the 3D wire diagram will support this.

·        Chambers can now have a work zone specified. The work zone can be seen in the 3D diagram and sensors positioned with respect to work zone.



Sept 1, 2016

TQSoft™ and TQAero version 7 has been released.

This major release includes a host ease of use and functional improvements led by a new alternative menu interface.

April 29, 2014

TQSoft™ and TQAero version 6.0.5 has been released.

The new version now includes:

1) Driver for the new Fluke Hydra model 2638A.

2) Support for the new Fluke Hydra 2638A includes memory and storage option data file management, so users can use their Fluke unit independently of a PC and return to PC TQ installation to collect data from the unit and make reports in a secure CFR Part 11/NADCAP compliant process.

3) New driver for Fluke 9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well.

4) Now includes intelligent CSV file import. This means that the software will likely be able to swiftly interpret and import all your data and calibration Setpoints stored in text or spreadsheets.

November 27, 2013

TQSoft™ version 6 software now has drivers for:

Agilent 34972A data acquisition unit including support for onboard memory for thermal validation.

MadgeTech HT140 and PR140 for thermal validation.

Gemini splash and ultra loggers for thermal validation.

Yokogawa MW, GP and GX serioes recorders for thermal validation.

Beamex FB range drywell baths for temperature calibration.

Ametek Jofra RTC, PTC range drywell baths for temperature calibration.

Ametek Jofra DTI1050 temperature reference for calibration.

Fluke 9190A drywell bath for temperature calibration.

March 17, 2013

TQSolutions Ltd. is proud to release TQSoft™ and TQAero Version 6 software. 

Version 6 contains significant additional functionality for the thermal validation community. The highlight of this is a 3D representation of a defined space showing the temperature mapping at sensor locations in digital or colour format. The 3D diagram can be rotated and expanded to any view point, and a data time slider even adds the fourth dimension! Critical points can now be 'replayed' inside a 3D chamber. 

April 4, 2011

TQSoft™ had a successful showing at Interphex in New York last week. Its ability to utilize loggers from a wide range of manufacturers was considered a significant benefit over rival thermal validation systems. It was commented that thermal validation companies involved in different projects, as diverse as sterilizer validation and storage facilities monitoring, would find a compelling business case for acquiring TQSoft™ both for existing loggers and sensors and for new investments.

TQSoft™ version 5.3.7 has been released and now fully supports MadgeTech RTD110 & RTD101 loggers for storage monitoring and storage validation. It also allows for logger times in 24 hour format for MadgeTech logger. It now has ability to read Hart Scientific models 917X and 914X Reference sensor if one is installed on the bath.

Version 5.3.7 also has smart comparison of thermal validation chart trace color with text color to ensure trace labelling is as clear as possible for the eye.

Use of USB to RS232 serial adaptors is now universal. As a result some customers find it difficult to keep track of which COM port to select. Latest version 5.3.7 now allows smart COM port search on certain thermal validation and calibration equipment.


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