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Last Modified: Thursday, September 19, 2019


Administrator Training, AMS2750 Training (Furnace), Operator Training & Demonstrations


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TQSolutions Ltd. can supply training and demonstrations directly on your PC at your convenience using our remote support software and optionally a telephone connection.

Simply download and run the Remote Support Module and give TQSolutions Ltd. the ID and password for a training or support session directly on your TQSoft™ installation!

Online Training

Our online training section is split into Administrator Training, Operator Training and AMS2750 Training (Furnace). The administrator will configure and manage the TQSoft™ installation while the operator will perform calibrations and tests and make reports.

The administrators task can be quite complex, depending on requirements, and it is often advisable to contact TQSolutions Ltd. with your requirements so that we can advise.

The operators task can be made very easy and routine by setting up the installation correctly.

If you have an interest in in depth online training, or a site visit for training, please send your contact details to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TQExpress Report Management. Let the software do the work!

Creating Compliance reports is a necessary evil. TQExpress is a great solution for this. Create reports effortlessly and manage them. Email and convert them to PDF. Mix Word and TQSoft™ reports for great finished reports. TQExpress basic reporting functions are now intuitively part of the TQSoft™ validation workflow and do not require special training.

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