TQSoft™ Features

Word Documents

On top on the existing unrivalled library of HTM2010 and HTM2030 report formats, TQSolutions Ltd. has added a whole new...

Additional Report Management Features

A simple click on the appropriate TQSoft™ Icon will convert an electronically assembled report to an Adobe Acrobat PDF document.

Sensor Position Management

TQSoft now allows validation engineers to setup and manage a 3D wire diagram of the chamber space! Drag and drop sensors to their correct position in 3D space...

Sensor Usage

Targets can be set with TQSoft™ in terms of elapsed usage time, number of times used, or simply the date that calibration is next due.

Test Equipment Database

Automatically push information into Calibration and Calibration Checks using TQSoft™. Equipment details can then appear on each calibration report.

Simple Logger Management

TQSoft™ allows TMI & HiTemp150 Madge Tech Logger technology to be used with a simple 3 step procedure. A unique 4th step...

Test Specifications

TQSoft™ allows a complete set of Test Specifications to be created managed and maintained.
The Test Specification contains all...

Test Specs Interval Calculations Library

TQSoft™ comes complete with a library of Interval Calculations that can be applied to any group of channels over any specified interval.

TQExpress Spec Checklist

With TQSoft™ you can create a Schedule of Validation Tests HTM2010, Schedule of Periodic Tests, Porous Load sterilizers, Sterilizers for unwrapped...

Uncertainty Management

Enter the equipment uncertainty values into the Test Equipment Database of TQSoft™ and the measurement uncertainties can appear on...

TQSoft™ Spec Checklist

Security & 21CFR Part 11, Calibration & Calibration Checking, Test Specifications, Test Specifications I-Calcs and more with TQSoft™...

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Compatible Hardware

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Hardware Systems

TQSoft™ Hardware Compatibility.

Thermal Validation

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TQSoft™ Features

Features of TQSoft™ software.

Software Summary

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TQSoft™ Summary

Overview of TQSoft™ software.

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