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Reporting and Report Management

As a result of TQSolutions Ltd. co-operation with, and support for, leading validation professionals,
TQExpress Reports Software is ideally suited to validation and data acquisition requirements!

  • TQExpress Report module is now Integrated Into TQSoft™ itself

  • Exactly replicate existing S.O.P. formats in Word Documents or Designer module

  • Supplied with huge library of HTM Report Templates for all processes

  • Full suite of report management features including Additional Report Management Features

  • Reports are of presentation quality, instantly produced, easily managed and secure

  • Reports can include graphics, complex calculations based on acquired test data, lethality formulae, and engineering lookup tables. The calculations and lookup tables are validatable.

Reporting and Report Management


Schedule of Validation Tests HTM2010*

  • Porous Load sterilizers
  • Sterilizers for unwrapped instruments and utensils
  • Laboratory sterilizers
  • LTS disinfectors and LTSF sterilizers
  • Fluid sterilizers

Schedule of Validation Tests HTM2030

  • Generic
  • Endoscopes
  • Hollowware
  • Human Waste
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Ultrasonics

Schedule of Periodic Tests

Schedule of Periodic Tests (cont.)

Porous Load sterilizers

  • Yearly tests*
  • Quarterly tests
  • Weekly tests

Sterilizers for unwrapped instruments and utensils

  • Yearly tests*
  • Quarterly tests
  • Weekly tests

Laboratory sterilizers

  • Yearly tests*
  • Quarterly tests
  • Weekly tests

LTS disinfectors and LTSF sterilizers

  • Yearly tests*
  • Quarterly tests
  • Weekly tests

Fluid sterilizers

  • Yearly tests*
  • Quarterly tests
  • Weekly tests

*Includes duplicate of summary sheets published in HTM2010.
Summary sheets are automatically completed as test reports are completed.


  • Yearly tests
  • Quarterly tests
  • Weekly tests
  • Daily tests


  • Yearly tests
  • Quarterly tests


  • Yearly tests
  • Quarterly tests

Human Waste

  • Yearly tests
  • Quarterly tests

Surgical Instruments

  • Yearly tests
  • Quarterly tests


  • Yearly tests
  • Quarterly tests

Custom Reports Design/Modify

  • Build complete custom reports using Designer option
  • Commission TQSolutions to design or modify reports to suit your precise requirements
  • Import any TQSoft I-Calc results into custom reports
  • Report Manager allows instant creation of complete report from Report List Template

Convert to PDF Format Option

  • Convert entire report list to PDF including:
       - standard and custom templates
       - TQSoft report windows
       - Word documents etc.

Build a Complete Customer Report

  • Include any TQSoft report window in the Report list:
       - Test Setup report
       - Data Listing report
       - Charts
       - Calibration reports
       - Calibration Checking reports
       - Operator notes
  • Add Word documents as cover sheets, load diagrams etc.
  • Include photos in reports

Management Features

  • Lock reports
  • Email complete reports with options
       - Zipped up feature
       - Include all test data files
       - Include PDF
  • Copy & archive complete reports button

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